Website development

Website Design and Development service

This is the Website Design and Development service. We consist of a team of creative and resourceful individuals driven to gratify our clients needs. We will sit and visualize with you your website and offer our help in making it a reality! We will buy your domain, arrange hosting, create email accounts, boost your SEO rating, everything that your website needs in order to be up and running in no time! Small family business, personal, corporate or e-commerce, our team can assist you and together we can create a modern versatile website!

The Process:

1. Get to know you!
Who are you? What is your brand? What will your website be about? These are just a few of the questions that we will sit down and discuss so that we can have a understanding of your needs and what it is that you want to create!

2. Design!
Decide on your unique look! Colors, typography, layout! This is the creative process! We will show you examples of how we can shape your website and bounce ideas with you until we find what suits your needs.

3. Fill the website up!
Get everything in there! Fast process of acquiring all of the necessary material that we want to put on your website. We will help you fill it with rich content, high quality photos, text, your logo, everything needed to have your website full of interesting and dynamic information!

4. Test it!
It’s time to finalize the website! We will test it on different platforms (mobile phones, personal computers, tablet) to ensure that everything looks and works perfectly!

5. Launch!
We have lift off! Your website is ready and has gone global! Now we can decide on a maintenance plan so that we can keep adding fresh content and keeping it up to date with recent news and material!

It’s that easy!